The “Warmest Day of the Year” – Summer 2014 Recap

US-Warmest-Day-of-the-Year-MapEarlier this year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA is the parent agency of the National Weather Service) released a map showing when each area of the U.S. typically sees its “warmest day of the year”.

The map reflects averages of 30 years of data, from the years 1981 through 2010.

NOAA’s map show that the metro Memphis area’s hottest day of the year usually comes during August 6-10.

This is toward the end of the six-week period when we experience our hottest average daily high temperatures. From July 5 to August 18, our daily highs average 92ºF.

Averages being what they are, we occasionally see midsummer days that come in several degrees higher or lower than that average.
—In July 2012, we had 7 days that reached 100ºF. (July 5, 2012 reached 103ºF!)
—In July 2014, we had two days that had daily highs that set records for being unusually cool. On July 18, we only reached 69ºF and the following day we only reached 79ºF.

Our hottest days for summer 2014 came during August 20 – 25. Usually, this is a period when we see some break from what is typically several weeks of dry, hot weather that begins in late July.

This year, we reached 96ºF for the first time on August 20, with temperatures peaking at 100ºF on August 24.

So August 24 was our “warmest day of the year” for 2014.

Despite this, we’ve generally had a slightly cooler, somewhat rainier summer than on average. (This in a year in which much of the U.S. was deep in drought and the world as a whole was experiencing the hottest July on record.)

For meteorological summer (June 1 – August 31) we saw only of 33 days (of 92) exceed their daily average high, and only 22 days exceeded 92ºF.

June July August
June 21 – 93ºF (90ºF avg.) July 12 – 94ºF (92ºF avg) August 5 – 94ºF (92ºF avg)
June 22 – 94ºF (90ºF avg.) July 13 – 93ºF (92ºF avg) August 6 – 94ºF (92ºF avg)
July 14 – 95ºF (92ºF avg) August 10 – 93ºF (92ºF avg)
July 23 – 94ºF (92ºF avg) August 19 – 93ºF (91ºF avg)
July 26 – 93ºF (92ºF avg) August 20 – 96ºF (91ºF avg)
July 27 – 93ºF (92ºF avg) August 21 – 96ºF (91ºF avg)
August 22 – 97ºF (91ºF avg)
August 23 – 99ºF (91ºF avg)
August 24 – 100ºF (91ºF avg)
August 25 – 97ºF (91ºF avg)
August 26 – 93ºF (91ºF avg)
August 27 – 94ºF (90ºF avg)
August 28 – 95ºF (90ºF avg)
August 29 – 95ºF (90ºF avg)