[Bikes Ridden] 2007 Yamaha FJR1300A

  • Model: 2007 Yamaha FJR1300A (FJR13AW)
  • Color: Black Cherry (Colorite # “Very Dark Red Metallic #2”)

This rental was my first experience riding an FJR. It carried me faithfully across the Colorado Rockies down to the Four Corners area and back in October 2007.

I found that it was indeed possible to be very cold on an FJR despite the bike’s reputation for throwing engine heat on the rider. I’m not sure hours of sub-freezing riding or riding in chilly rain would be much more comfortable on any bike.

Despite the bike’s additional weight and width, I found it to be a nimble ride through the Rockies and up and down Mesa Verde. On flatlands (on the Navajo reservation), I found it easy to ride hour after hour.

This was probably the bike that convinced me I wanted a sports tourer, but I was not yet sold on the FJR as the sports tourer for me. (That would come two year later when I rented another FJR to visit the Canadian Rockies.)

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