[Sight of the Day] Picking Up the Blue Bolt

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 (Memphis TN)—The whole “sell the Silver Bullet and buy the Blue Bolt” plan was probably not as well-considered as it should have been, and ended up being more expensive than either my buddy Terry or I expected.

And I truly was a little glum watching the Bullet ride away while I waited five whole days to pick up the Bolt.

But then I rode home on the Bolt, and things started looking a little better. It still doesn’t feel quite right without the Bullet, but it is definitely nice to have yet another new bike under my butt!

Now, on to Beale Street for our first bike night together!

Updated thoughts on Sunday, September 01, 2012: I really was glum about letting go of the Silver Bullet after only two years and 7,000 miles.

I’d waited to buy the Bullet nearly as long as I ended up owning it, and I was getting a serious case of “seller’s remorse”. I was starting to wonder if I’d let the impulsive idea of helping a buddy out carry me down the wrong road.

Even after picking up the Blue Bolt, taking it down to its first Bikes on Beale, and making my first commute to work, it still seemed a little foreign, and I still wondered if I’d made a good decision.

My break-in run to Tupelo and back on Sunday made me feel entirely comfortable on the Bolt, made it finally feel like my bike.

Two days in the Mississippi Delta had me feeling like the Bolt and I were old friends. Sure, the Bolt is technically exactly the same as the Bullet, but I swear it felt like an even better machine than the Bullet had been.

Today, after assisting Terry with doing some routine maintenance on the Bullet I should have done long ago, I finally feel entirely at peace with the whole deal. He’s been busy making the Bullet his bike, and seems very happy with it, and I couldn’t be more happy with the Bolt (unless it were the Teal Bolt, perhaps), so all is, at last, good.

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  1. T-Dog says:

    Yeah we all good. Thanks so much for the opportunity to step on up to the Sport Touring class.

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