[My Bikes] D-I-V-O-R-C-E

The Silver Bullet at 7,000 miles…I thought we were happy together.

Saturday, August 18, 2012 (Germantown TN) —Wednesday night, I threw a leg over the Silver Bullet for an evening out.

It was bike night, and after making the Bullet sit in the garage with a nail in its front tire for most of the summer (see the whole story here), it was time to let it get some street time.

Little did I know another man would be throwing his leg over the Bullet a couple days later and riding it out of my garage…and out of my life.

I thought I could really make it work: owning two bikes at the same time. But in two years, I had barely put 7,000 miles on the Silver Bullet.

That’s not what I expected. After renting a couple FJRs on trips out west, it became my “dream bike”. But the 2008 and 2009 models were only available in “Raven Black”…black being about the only color vehicle I never want to own again.

Finally, the 2010 model came out in “Liquid Silver”, and then it took six more months for one to show up in a Memphis-area motorcycle dealership.

The guy who now rides the Silver Bullet is the one who alerted me it was on sale…and who repeatedly urged me to hurry and buy it before someone else did.

Could he have been secretly planning to take it away from me two years later? Could anyone be that clever?

Still, when it came to every-day short trips, el Bandido still got most of the mileage. Even though it’s a more comfortable ride, the Bullet ended up being held in reserve for long trips.

And then it sat all summer long.

So now another man is riding the Silver Bullet, and I am (for a couple days) a one-motorcycle man again.

That will change soon, as I’ve already made the decision to finally part with el Bandido as soon as I can get it scrubbed up and listed for sale…

…and I should be parking a new 2012 Yamaha FJR1300 (in Cobalt Blue) in the garage by midweek.

The Silver Bullet on our last Bike Night together. It now shares a garage with the green bike parked next to it and one man rides them both.


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  1. Turbo Terry says:

    Yes, someone CAN be that clever…Bwahahahah!

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