[Sight of the Day] Old Schoolhouse—Farmer WA

Saturday, September 9, 2009 (Farmer WA)—This old schoolhouse, sitting on the corner of a wheat field near a dot on the map labeled “Farmer” on US Highway 2, had seen better days.

Window glass was long gone.

Roof shingles and paint had been ripped away by wind.

Spray paint graffiti marred one wall.

One corner was burned away, no doubt making the entire building unstable.

It was so far from anything that looked like a community that it’s hard to imagine why it was ever built.

Sadly, it may not longer be standing. I’ve reviewed satellite photos looking for it, and it’s not visible along the route.

Whether it finally collapsed under winds, or was taken down purposefully is unknown.

I happened to find it while crossing Washington’s desert farmland during my trip from Seattle north into British Columbia, then across into Alberta, down through the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and then back across northern Washington.

The rental bike was a a 2005 Yamaha FJR 1300. It was the 2nd FJR I had rented, and my experience with it was the main reason I settled on buying the 2010 FJR I currently own.

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