[Randomness] Sears Puch 250 at the Metal Museum

Saturday, April 21, 2012 (Memphis TN)—The craftsmen at the Metal Museum talk about their love for the tactile essence of their work, so it’s no surprise that they also enjoy restoring and modifying motorcycles. There’s always a bike or three parked around the museum grounds.

Today, this bike was parked near the shop where someone was grinding mold marks off a cast iron piece.

After a little research, I’ve decided this is a 250cc Sears Allstate “Twingle”, circa 1968. The bikes were rebadged versions of an Austrian bike, the Puch SGS250.

The “Twingle” name refers to the “twin/single” engine, powered by one cylinder containing two pistons.

(For another great bike at the Metal Museum, see my recent post on the “Death Bike’.)

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2 Responses to [Randomness] Sears Puch 250 at the Metal Museum

  1. Terry Snider says:

    Cool. My first bike was a 50cc Sears/Puch step-through.

  2. Kathy says:

    Is there ANYTHING that Sears didn’t ‘make’??

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