[Bike Show] Mid-South Motorcycle & Car Show

The "Taj Mahal" themed tank

Sunday, April 15, 2012 (Memphis TN)—The 15th annual Mid-South Motorcycle Show was disappointing.

There were few vendors, few dealers, no test rides and no entertainment or stunt shows.

I don’t know how many folks attended on Saturday, but on Sunday, attendance was very thin. There were only a handful of motorcycles in the parking lot at any time.

The show was expanded this year to include custom/restored cars, and the couple dozen cars on display drew more attention than the bikes.

This bike has a Dodge Viper auto engine.

Most interesting to me were the bikes and tanks on display from O’s Custom Paints.

The nationally-known custom bike shop, located in Bartlett, had several eye-popping sample tanks and customer bikes on display.

I especially liked the “Taj Mahal” theme tank, with its Hindu theme. It’s one of O’s stock images that can be ordered.

I also liked a lovely with a tooled leather seat and copper copper-braided fuel and brake lines.

This bike featured copper trim and lines.

There was also a “Viper STR-10” bike with a Dodge Viper engine and a bright red paint job and matching helmet. The bike is owned by the owners of the Deli Mexicana in Germantown.

To view customer-owned bikes and O’s line of gorgeous stock tanks, visit the O’s Custom Paints website.

I hope next year’s show will bounce back, perhaps by adding more vendors for the custom car crowd.

Detail of the copper bike.


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