Last Ride(s) for 2011

December 31, 2011—This December’s weather in the Midsouth has alternated between  warmer than average and colder than average…making the month average, on average, I guess.

The final few days of 2011 hit the mid-60s with sunny skies, an unusual combination in December, when warm days are frequently rainy. So I was able to get out on both of the bikes several times during the week.

El Bandido made a trip to the shop for a new front tire (a Michelin Pilot Road 3, replacing the Michelin Pilot Road 2 that had been worn flat after over 18,000 miles) on Thursday, and then made a trip to the movies on Friday night. (The rear tire is not quite as far gone, but if I had one on hand, it should have been replaced, too.)

The Silver Bullet made a trip to the shop to have heated grips installed on Wednesday, and then made a New Year’s Eve trip to the arena for the final Mississippi RiverKings game of the year. The ‘Kings won in a 6-0 shut-out against the (Lafayette) Louisiana IceGators and I enjoyed a ride home with temperatures still at 61*F (and heated grips, too)!

No historic trips, but it’s nice to end the year able to ride without bundling up like an Eskimo.

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