A Rider's Journal
photo of a map of Seattle

Avid motorcycle riders face two ongoing challenges: Finding enough free time to get in a good ride, and finding a good road to ride.  While not even a great book is going to help much with the first problem, there are hundreds of guides and maps that can help with the second.

Planning the next road trip is part of the fun of riding, and a large collection of maps and guidebooks are indispensable for those who like to tour the back roads.

Details like road conditions and scenic points are especially crucial for those traveling on two (or three) wheels. With the small fuel tanks on most bikes, planning for a gas stop every couple hours is a necessity.

Scenic vistas or historic sites are ideal of a couple photos, a quick stretch break, a couple gulps from a water bottle, and watering the bushes.

A good map or travel guide provides these types of details in a format that can be quickly accessed on the road. Following are reviews of some guides and maps that are of special interest to riders.