A Rider's Journal
photo of 2006 Honda Shadown Spirit1100
Classic styling, Honda performance.

This is my buddy Brian's bike. I took it for a few turns around an empty mall parking lot. (I did get it up to street speeds.)

I didn't come away with many impressions of the bike, either positive or negative.

The most noticeable thing was the difference between my bike (a standard UJM with a upright posture) and this bike's cruiser posture. I don't know if I would come to like having to keep my arms higher and my feet out in front of me.

I was uncomfortable with having to repeatedly move my feet forward when I got the bike rolling, and then bring them back under my butt when I stopped. With practice, that would come to feel more natural, but it would take a much longer ride to really know whether I would ever like the cruiser riding position.