A Rider's Journal
photo of 2003 Honda CB250 Nighthawk

I'd be lying if I said I remembered much about this bike.

It was the one I spent about 20 hours with in a parking lot at Southwest Tennessee Community College during the Basic Rider Training.

I remember it was unusually warm for an early April weekend. The sky was blue. I got sunburned. I came home both nights tired to the bone.

I probably put in less than 10 miles on that bike in those 20 hours.

It had a short wheelbase, which made it easier to learn to do some of the exercises. It had a low saddle, so it was fairly easy to stand and hold up.

I remember that it could still go fast enough to get out of control, although I tended to have the opposite problem: I went pretty slow. But it was pretty stable as slow speeds, too.

All in all, it was a good bike to learn on.

A year or so later, my Dad got a black Honda Rebel (same engine in a slightly different body style) for himself. He was about 74 years old and hadn't had a bike in 25 years or so. He mostly rode around his neighborhood, managed to put a couple K on it, and sold it when he turned 80. When I am that age, if I can do what he did, I will be happy enough.