A Rider's Journal
still photo of the robot Maria from the film "Metropolis"
The beautiful machine Maria, from Fritz Lang's 1927 film "Metropolis".

I have a strange attraction for motorcycles that would seem to work better as sculpture than as transportation...bikes like the Honda Rune, Confederate Wraith, or Aprilia "Starck" Moto.

Admittedly, these beautiful machines appeal to me because of their appearances, rather than what their transportation or racing abilities.

The attraction lies not in in their technical certifications and tested performances, but is embedded in their precisely-defined forms and graceful curves.

Frankly, they often give me the impression they could be hard to handle and are likely to be an impractical choice for the rigours of day-to-day living.

Whether these assumptions are valid matters not; I must love most of these beautiful machines from afar. They are like centerfold models: desirable objects of fantasy that are never seen in the real world.

And like centerfold models, I imagine they are probably found only in the upscale urban loft condos or private estates owned by wealthy men who ride them far less often than they should.

Below are some of my favorite examples of "rolling beauties" (and the occasional "handsome gent").

B120 Wraith
Confederate Motorcycles
P150 Fighter
Confederate Motorcycles
photo of Aprilia Moto 6.5
Moto 6.5
Valkyrie Rune
VRSCDX Night Rod Special