A Rider's Journal
photo of SSS and Gin Tama
Rider and bike are color-matched.

Memphis TN—I picked up Gin Tama, my new Yamaha FJR1300A on a Tuesday after work.

I am going to be honest: I was more excited about the idea of buying the bike than I was the idea of actually buying the bike, or picking it up, or riding it home for the first time.

Not that it was a ho-hum experience, just that I didn't feel giddy or have uncontrollable laughter.

Maybe it was because I have already put several thousand miles on a couple rental FJRs before.

Maybe it was the whole process took days—go after work on Thursday to do the paperwork, put a thousand miles on the Bandit in Arkansas and Oklahoma over the weekend, go back on Tuesday to have the bike rolled around from the shop and I was finally off.

So if I haven't experienced "buyer's rush", I will say that it was a real pleasure steering it through Shelby Farms at rush hour to get it home. And it was a real pleasure commuting to and from work the next day, and having coworkers ask to go out to the parking lot to see it. And it was a real pleasure heading down to Bikes on Beale that night, and then barely getting my helmet off before a passing couple began asking about it. And the ride up to the store for supplies for the inevitable first oil change was pleasurable, as was having the guy at the store ask about it.

So maybe I wasn't visibly excited about the process of buying it and bringing it home. But so far, owning it has been great.

By the way, "it" has a name. Since the 2010 model only comes in one color, "Liquid Silver", calling it "Silver Bullet" came naturally. So its name is "Gin Tama", which is one way to say "silver bullet" in Japanese.

photo of Gin Tama
It's a Yamaha.
photo of Gin Tama's instrument panel
000,000 on odometer. Brand-spanking-new.