A Rider's Journal
Photo of the New Year's Day riders at Spaghetti Warehouse
The gang has feasted on cheap pasta and is ready to saddle up.

Memphis TN—It was an unremarkable day, by almost any standard.

I met my buddy Terry S. and his friends, and we rode downtown. We hung around a bit and then went for a late lunch.

The variables were minor. The weather was mild (sunny, with a high around F50°) and the sky was blue, rather than cold and gray. Instead of hanging around by Mud Island, we hung around in the Pyramid Arena parking lot. Instead of eating at the Kooky Canuck, we ate at the Spaghetti Factory.

After a relaxing meal, I headed home to watch the NHL Winter Classic (the outdoor hockey game held on January 1 for the past few years), which I had recorded earlier in the day.  In the evening, we had a RiverKings minor leage hockey game, where the 'Kings started the calendar year off defeating the Missouri Mavericks in overtime.

It was an unremarkable day.  A pleasant, relaxing, unremarkable day, to mark the beginning of a new year.