A Rider's Journal
photo of el Bandido at Chewalla Lake
El Bandido at Chewalla Lake, near Holly Springs MS. (18-JAN-10)

This winter seemed to have fewer riding opportunities than the past few winters. The weather was frequently cold, gray, windy and rainy. We also had more snow and ice than usual.

So, I'll post one lone picture when el Bandido and I got out for a few hours on a January day, and a few pictures of weather that kept el Bandido bundled up in the garage more than either of us would have liked.

photo of a fountain frozen with ice
Very cold weather the first week in January left ice everywhere. (09JAN10)
photo of strange clouds at sunset
Cold weather and strange clouds. (13JAN10)
photo of crepe myrtle branches covered in ice
Ice storm left crepe myrtle branches covered in glassy ice. (29JAN10)
photo of my pear tree covered in snow
One of three snows left my backyard blanketed. (08FEB10)